Your pathway to college graduation.

Whether you’ve selected a degree program or are looking to explore options, Declare makes it quick and easy for students to see personalized pathways to graduation.  

What does college success look like?

On-Time Graduation

Only 41% of college students graduate on time. Taking control of your academic journey means knowing what courses you need to reach the finish line.

Minimize Student Debt

Most students leave college with an average of $36,600 in student loans. When you have a plan and know what courses you need to graduate on time, you're saving so much money.

Earn Multiple Degrees

85% of employers and hiring managers expect applicants to have a college degree. Stand out from the crowd by earning multiple degrees and certifications.

Declare your degree with confidence.

You deserve to get the most out of your college experience. Declare makes picking your degree easy.  See multiple pathway options, graduate on-time, and earn multiple degrees.

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